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ORIGAMI is a Creative Agency based in Santiago, Chile.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of marketing services. Ours is a multidisciplinary, strategic-minded team with a high capacity for reaction. We understand consumer behaviour and have industry-specific expertise. Having worked on the customers’ side, we can listen to their visions and needs, identify the key aspects of their businesses, and tackle the challenges of brand development.

360º Strategy



Customer Vision


We cover all your marketing needs
in order to develop, communicate,
and strengthen your brand.

Outsource your Services and your Marketing Administration with us!

Web Development

Software Development

Design & Creativity

Strategic Marketing

Production & Postproduction

Social Media

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We co-define with our customers the goals of the campaign or marketing action.
We then develop a strategy and plan accordingly. We implement and measure the results
–then go back to thinking how to improve.







Creativity is
intelligence having fun


Origami was founded by two friends who are passionate about brands and marketing. With different professional backgrounds, we bring together our complementary skills to add value to our customers’ brands.
Together, we develop a creative and innovative work, providing an integral experience and a 360-degree vision. We believe in committing to our projects as a key to our customers’ success.

Rodrigo Acevedo

Accounts Director

Gio Pesce

Creative Director


I have been working with Origami for years due to its great professionalism, attention to detail and for putting the customer at the center of its strategy, however its greatest added value is its creativity and graphic skill. I would definitely recommend him for any challenge.

Gonzalo JiménezBrand Chief Cachantún

Our experience has been first rate. From the beginning there has been a great commitment and professionalism, which has allowed us to develop a job that we are very satisfied with. They have had a great capacity to react from ideas and creativity, to managing time. However, what leads me to recommend them is that they are a team with people of great human quality.

Gonzalo Mardones FalconeGonzalo Mardones Arquitecto

Excellent service, tailored to the customer’s expertise –which in my case is rather basic when it comes to web design. They take the time to explain their decisions in simple, plain language, and are always trying to deliver the best product, rather than simply getting to the deadline. I strongly recommend them.

Mario DarrigrandiTENTS
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